India-based firm offering cloud enterprise solutions to clients across the US, Japan, Europe, and Australia is looking for an investment of USD 5 million

By Ami Loh
Posted On: 03 / Sep / 2022
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Strategic Partner
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Computer Software / Engineering

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- Currently working with fortune 500 client with their R&D center.

-Microsoft silver certified partner in the cloud.

- Top rated on marketing platforms.

- Engaged in the development of cloud and multi-tenant enterprise software.

- Primarily cater to SME clients from USA, Japan, Europe, and Australia.

- We work on Azure, Office 365 and other enterprise-grade platforms and products and analytics/AI.

- Have already built several cloud enterprise platforms/Products for clients from Austria and the USA.

- At present, we have 4 active projects and several maintenance contracts.

- Promoter has over 13 years of industry expertise out of which 6 years was in the USA as Solution Architect.

- We helped build a large affiliate marketing platform for a client from Austria and working with clients from Florida, MN (USA), Australia, Hungary.

- Profitable with an aim to reach a crore revenue with very fewer overheads.

- End to end agile delivery on top of the cloud.

- Our business has a 100% success rate in complex cloud, analytics projects, 150k USD billed/paid revenue in 2.5 years.

- 100% success in implementing complex cloud transformation and automation platforms and projects.

- Started working with Fortune 500 client and started building addons and plugins/products for Office 365.

- Small but strong experienced tech team, If an investor is looking to partner with an innovative small IT company (Cloud transformation, Office 365, Azure, Analytics, AI, Rapid web/mobile app development) with SME clients in USA (4), Europe (2), Australia (3) then we are the right fit.

Products & Services Overview

Development of cloud and enterprise platforms, affiliate marketing platform, rapid application development.

Successfully developed chat-bots, multi-tenant heath-care platforms for clients from the USA.

Assets Overview

Software licenses, laptops, IPs and cloud offering skills.

Facilities Overview

1,000 sq. ft. of owned office space which can accommodate 20 employees.

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40 Crore
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15 Lakhs
25 Lakhs
40 Lakhs