Looking for Equity Investment in a AR/VR based Ed-tech startup

By Piyush
Posted On: 26 / Mar / 2022
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Magzigo is an education-oriented platform. They have developed Augmented Reality headsets to be used solely in the education field to ensure that students have hands-on experience and to make studying a little easier for them with the help of technology. They have a significant moat around the product, offering the highest value addition to the clients in comparison to the competition. The AR/VR services offered by Magzigo are rated amongst the highest in the industry. The SaaS platform offers ease of use of service to increase the learning and teaching abilities of the Education sector. The product has been built on a strong foundation without any 3rd party software dependencies because of its patentable Software with Hardware and is highly scalable. Their unique hardware design enables them to lower the cost of a product by 10X over their competition. The industry has inherent customer stickiness due to the time-consuming and complex switching processes. Future sales strategy is promising based on promotion by partnerships with Premium Schools and Colleges of Urban Areas, which increases credibility of the service provider. The Founder and the team comes in with good experience in building AR/VR solutions. The Founder, Piyush is the one behind the whole idea and has a good planning for the execution part. The team has been further strengthened with the addition of Vikas and Jayesh who joined the org from the start, and bring adequate industry experience.

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