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Posted On: 26 / May / 2021
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Laboratory diagnostic service is required for providing an effective diagnosis of the disease suffered by the patient, measure the quantum of medicines to be provided, quantify the extent of cure effected, identify the medical sensitivities of the patient to avoid wrong medication resulting in adverse effects and to extend the research and development capabilities of the medical process. A diagnostic center provides a wide scope for the detection of ailments and affords facilities for a detailed medical check-up through diagnostic procedures. To accomplish this objective a modern diagnostic center is well equipped with most modern instruments. MedicalDiagnostic Centre is an establishment that determines the nature and circumstances of a disease condition by scientific examinations. A medical diagnostic center constitutes an important part of the health care system. Diseases are commonly diagnosed concerning the causative organisms if the cause of the disease is invasion by an offending pathogen. Many disease conditions are also diagnosed by tests based on biochemical parameters using the body fluid, commonly blood, or cells and tissues of the individual. The demand for diagnostic centers is increasing day by day to cope-up the outgrowing health-conscious patients. Indian healthcare industry worth Rs 75,000 crore is expected to grow to Rs 80,000 crore by 2025. The booming industry is undoubtedly offering potential opportunities in various healthcare segments. Pathology is one such segment. Indian diagnostic industry is witnessing a strong growth that is going to accelerate with the rise in awareness on preventive health, changing lifestyle and insurances fueling the preventive healthcare segment. Currently, the diagnostic sector in India is highly fragmented with standalone centers accounting for 45-50% and the organized ones having less than 35% share while the rest are hospital-based diagnostic centers.

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