Social commerce startup looking to raise $1 mn seed investment

Posted On: 30 / Aug / 2021
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Adulteration of food: sugar in honey, antibiotics in poultry, chemicals in refined oils, etc., by large firms (Thanos) has become commonplace. This resulted in myriad micro-entrepreneurs (minions) taking to organic farming, free-range poultry, cold-pressed oils etc. The lead time for batch-processing and high D2C delivery costs make the minions’ GTM fall flat against the inventory-led, distribution-driven supply chain of Thanos. What if the minions could get multiple orders in one place, at one time? This startup helps these minions discover aggregate demand in large co-located communities. Community buyers shop through WhatsApp groups created by fellow residents or nearby shops (captains). They act as demand magnets and handle last-mile delivery & payments. Community group-buying is a rage in China with startups like Xingsheng raising $2Bn in just one round. In India, dealshare, pingthis, city mall etc. have raised sizable investments. The USP lies in the open UX, captain focus and the experienced founding team. The founders are IITD-IIMB alumni with 30 years experience in leading $1Bn P&L, 120K reseller network at several industry leading companies. They have built 2 tech startups earlier. The startup is determined to build a network of million captains and make healthy foods more accessible to every community in India. With $5K monthly GMV and product 3.0 ready, the startup is raising a $1mn seed-investment. COVID kickstarted the transition to healthy foods and social commerce in India is forecasted to grow 50X by 2030. The time to invest is now.

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7.99 Crore
7.99 Crore
7.99 Crore